All About Wood Crates

Wood crates may seem like a relatively mundane object that have little relevance to our daily lives, however, that is far from the truth. Wood crates were traditionally used for storage and shipping of things like fruits, vegetables and other objects of varying size. These crates still serve this purpose but have taken on a variety of more diverse roles as well.


Many people, homes and businesses have begun to appreciate and enjoy the rustic or farmhouse look or theme. Magazines, blogs, social media and television indicate that this style is sought after and considered in style. Part of this style involves incorporating rustic wood decor, like Wood crates for storage or aesthetic.


Those who collect antique items often appreciate and value old wood crates as they are novel items. Some people may collect them, while others may simply find them interesting. Some people may find antique crates with a level of sentimental value as well.


The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds true with wood crates as often broken or old wood crates can be broken down and the wood can be reused for other purposes from furniture all the way to kindling and anything you can imagine made from wood in between.
These are only a few examples of the ways in which we can find creative uses for wood crates in our day to day lives. They are affordable, accessible and diverse in size and function. Remember to consider the type of wood when assessing the feasibility or usability of a wood crate. To purchase or acquire wood crates, consider visiting secondhand or antique shops, look online, or even check recycling or grocery stores if looking for a recycling or non-decorative purpose. Remember, the wood can be stained and made your own using a number of different products.

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