Fields of application for Wood Crates

Wood crates can be used to package and ship various items. You can build one of your own if you want to use it for decoration at home, but if you want to use it to transport fragile items there are some rules you will need to observe. Some things you will need to consider is to use solid wood crates, carefully wrap fragile items and also package the items in a way so that you can minimize movement and possibly damaged items on its arrival.


Wood is a useful and environmental material to use because it’s very durable and sustainable. Another advantage is that the simplicity of repairing wood if it gets damaged on one of its many transports. It is also relative resistant to weather conditions, which often can shift if you transport goods by sea, air or on the road. How solid wood crate you will need depends on how fragile the items are that are being transported, and is an important variable to consider.

Transport of goods

Items that are being transported with wood crates are often larger fruits, like watermelons. If you want to transfer soft items, like softer fruits, you may
need to place a soft material inside the crates to ensure a safe shipping. Therefore it is better to use some kind of protection of your goods. This because you are unable to know how cautious, or incautious, the transport will be. You can also order custom wood crates to ensure that your product get the best packaging possibilities for its specific attributes. These modifications are crucial if you, for instance, have a very big product that have to travel a long way with many obstacles ahead. Before transporting goods – make sure to get the best packaging conditions for your products.







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